Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Life Lost…

He was born on the streets of Korea, the son of a black American serviceman and a Korean woman. To be half black and Korean in Korea is not a good thing. An American family adopted him out of his misery; if memory serves me right, he was six when he was adopted. His adoptive family was loving and kind. They lived out their Christian faith; they were patient and caring.

He was very intelligent with a quick wit. He was athletic and popular and blessed with good looks. He went to the right schools, married well and moved in the right circles in Minneapolis’ social and business life.

Mike was a successful real estate broker. Mike had it all going for him but Mike fought a life-long problem with drugs. He had been through treatment numerous times. When he was straight, he was a joy; when Mike walked into the room, the room would light up; we smiled inside. When he was on “the juice”, he was undependable and obnoxious. We experienced both sides of his life. He had been straight this time for about one year. One month ago he fell off the wagon; drugs grabbed a hold of him again. His wife finally had enough and asked him to leave. He left. We would only hear from him sporadically. Wednesday morning I received a phone call telling me that Mike had overdosed on the weekend and died. He was 40 years old and left a wife and two children.

I asked God “why?” It seems so unfair. God’s sovereign hand brought him to America, gave him hope and joy yet drugs would not loosen their grip. He viewed his family’s Christian faith indifference. He wouldn’t talk about it.

Brothers and sisters, we must love and accept one another. We must love each other enough to confront them about their faith whether they like it or not. We must confront with respect and in love.

Some days I think the devil is winning. We must not be discouraged. We must push on in love and with God’s strength. I didn’t do enough; I thought there would be more time. There wasn’t. I can do no more. I must entrust him to God’s care but it hurts and it makes me angry. I have no right to be angry but sadly, I am. Forgive me, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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