Thursday, July 10, 2008

When the bear rumbles…

Note: Names, places and relationships have been changed.

“The Bear” is a friend of mine in another state. He is in his 40’s, a former college football line backer and heavyweight wrestler. He carries 310+ pounds on a 6’3” frame. His name is a given.

Bear has a 13 year old daughter by his first marriage. The “cub” lives in a town 40 miles away from the Bear’s permanent den.

The family rule is no one dates until they are 16 years old. Through a series of events, the “cub” decides to test the system. After babysitting one night, she is picked up by a 16 year old boy. Her Mom finds out and calls the Bear to find out what to do. Even though he lives 40 miles away and it was 11:00 p.m., the Bear rumbles into action.

He gets out of bed, dresses and moves toward his 4-wheel drive Dodge pickup with a singleness of purpose. The “cub” and boyfriend need to be taught a lesson. What is the lesson? There is a price to pay for disobedience.

The moon is full as he races toward this small prairie town; the roads are quiet, the radio is off and the Bear plots his strategy. The only thing he hears is the whine of the engine and air flowing through his hair.

The Bear arrives and parks one block from his daughter’s home and waits. About twenty minutes later the 16 year old “boyfriend’s” jacked up, slightly beat up 4-wheel drive pickup pulls up in front of “the cub’s” house and parks. Now the Bear begins to rumble. He walks purposely down the street, pounding his size 12 feet into the pavement.

You’d think they would hear but they don’t. The first sound was the driver’s side door being ripped open by the faithful bear-sized dad on a mission. To say the least, the surprise in his “cub’s” eyes is astonishment. (The Bear said her eyes were the size of a saucer!) Bear looks at her and says in a booming voice “GET IN THE HOUSE!” Talk about moving like a rifle shot—she is gone! Bear’s 6’3” frame and the jacked up nature of the boyfriend’s pick up put Bear’s mouth at ear and face level of the vehicle’s occupant (AKA “the boyfriend”). Bear leans in, puts his face ½ inch from Bubba’s face. In no uncertain terms, he makes Bubba aware of the gravity of the situation and clearly states his purpose and intention. Bear states if he even sees this pickup within 10 blocks of this house, there will be problems. Bubba is shaking after the unexpected midnight encounter with the rumbling bear.

Bear’s “cub” (13 year old daughter) sees her dad as meddling in her life; he should be meddling. I praise God that Bear meddles in his cub’s life. You see, Bear understands God will hold him accountable for the type of dad he has been or will be. He takes his role seriously. More of us need to follow his example, taking seriously our role as parents. Rumble on, Bear; rumble on!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, we need more "rumbling Bears" in this world.