Saturday, August 17, 2013

The “Old Fashioned” Unchangeable God…

Immutable God means God cannot change; He is constant, faithful.

God never changes in His attributes or counsel.  God does not grow, improve, or evolve because God is already perfect.  God cannot diminish, deteriorate, or regress.  He always has been and He will forever be.  He does not change His mind.  He does not make a promise and then change His vow.  This is good for us redeemed sinners; good news to us sheep dressed in full armor.

To the world—Change is progress, change is hip, change means you’re with it; you’re the cutting edge.  Remember this is in spite of all these changes and the progress.  Man’s problems remain the same—man needs a Savior no matter how sophisticated we become.  We need the unchanging God, His unchanging Son and the unchanging Spirit.  Because an honest self-appraisal reveals we are lost without this one and only unchanging God.  God is timeless, God’s word is timeless; God’s love for us is eternal = Timeless.  God is never old fashioned; He IS or should I say I AM.