Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Manipulation of Providence

If I’m going to read a book, I prefer non-fiction. I mean, why waste your time reading something man created, something which never happened. I prefer the real thing; “truth is better than fiction” it’s often said. Yes, I guess I prefer non-fiction.

But I understand why fiction is attractive. To the writer, he can manipulate providence. In a creative way he can be God, creating characters, bestowing on them greatness or debauchery. I’m impressed with fiction writers; their span and depth of creativity is impressive. I can understand how they can be consumed with writing fiction; creative bursts, using fiction to lift up, using fiction to challenge the status quo. For the creative moment they are a “manipulator of providence”. J. P. Philips used that term in a book “Your God is too Small.” I don’t remember what he said, but it still sets me thinking.

Even if a writer has the gift of weaving a tale of intrigue and suspense, it is still but a “tale” played out on the stage of time and eternity. The writer weaves his story and gives no thought let’s say, to gravity; he just assumes it’s there. God could for a moment suspend gravity and the world would explode or implode and the writer’s creative work would mean nothing. Yet God allows some of man’s great creative work to endure; great works of literature, the genius of great art, building of structures, and technology that out lives us.

I can manipulate reality in the garden. Creating something more beautiful than if left to itself. BUT God can send in a hail storm and wind and change or eliminate my garden in a moment making me realize God is still sovereign and mighty and I’m just a bit player on the stage of life and time. This shouldn’t make me feel depressed or inferior. My ego shouldn’t suffer; I shouldn’t lose any sleep due to unwarranted worry. He is God and He’s still on the throne and all of men’s creative outbursts are subservient to His sovereign rule. I will let Him be God. I won’t crawl on my belly in the dirt but I will stand amazed at His power and grace and it’s by that grace and mercy that I can stand. I need to thank Him and I will stand directly, totally in awe—awe reserved only for Him.

Thank you Lord, that you are God. Thank you Lord, that we are not God. I trust your sovereign rule. I’m amazed and in awe and I thank you. Amen

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