Friday, July 20, 2007

How do I pick my topics?

Someone who faithfully reads the blog asked me “How do you pick your topics?” I gave this some thought. They come from my every day experiences in life. As a businessman, I’m involved daily with a number of people. It is fertile ground for “where the rubber meets the road” ideas. People today are hurting. Many are adrift without strong family ties, without community ties, without church ties, and they talk and share with me.

I am impressed with their victory over battles I have never had to fight. I’ve had battles in my life too but as I go through life it doesn’t take long for me to realize how many people struggle day to day to maintain their existence, overcome past failures, and seemingly are optimistic and positive. I’m humbled by their veracity and pluck. It makes me count my blessings every day.

When I fill in for pastors, people will share their hurts with me. Again it’s fertile ground for ideas: people in wheelchairs, people fighting rare and debilitating diseases, accidents that kill and maim loved ones, people living in fear of other people because past relationships have gone bad. All in all, it is humbling to stand in their presence. I have witnessed the reality of evil in the world; I’ve seen the Lord’s victory over evil; I’ve been blessed to see people healed in many different ways, living out their life with hope and joy.

Where do the ideas come from? They come from the people around me. The Lord puts them on my mind and the Holy Spirit makes the application.

I realize I’m a country boy, businessman, and lay pastor who has much to be thankful for. I hope I never take that for granted. Just as the soil in Renville County Minnesota is deep and rich, the Lord has blessed me by planting me in His field, deep with many different experiences and rich with God loving people. I am blessed and humbled. To God be the glory.

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Anonymous said...

Brother Beef,
I am so glad the Lord planted you close to me. It's been great growing together.
Lee Shelton