Friday, July 06, 2007

On offering God advice

Hell or eternal torment seems like a very high price to pay for sin. On issues like this, at times of utter ignorance, we would like to offer God advice on things like His holiness and eternal punishment for sin. Oh, we might not verbalize it but the thought has crossed our mind.

Let me tell you a story. Your daughter is a bio-medical engineer and led a team of engineers to invent a pain blocker that mounts externally on the body to block chronic pain. It has worked miracles in lives of many hurting people. It is a resounding success.

At the annual Christmas party of her firm, she and her team will be given an award for the success of their invention. Mom and Dad get invited to the party. Your daughter sits at the head table along with other award winners. You are seated at a table with 20 other people for dinner; 20 other people you do not know. Polite dinner conversation ensues; a woman casually mentions she had an abortion. No one says a word. A little later a person mentions he has a gay lover. No one says a word. The dessert comes; it’s great; all marvel at its excellence. When finished, a man lights up a cigarette. People get upset. “It’s against the law” some implore. “It gives me a headache” someone chimes in. The scene becomes chaotic as the man is escorted out of the dinner party.

The lesson to be learned here is this: Who are we to think we dare offer God advice concerning punishment for sin and comment on His holiness when in fact at a dinner party we cannot tell the difference between wickedness and bad manners!

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