Thursday, April 06, 2006

Missing Morrie

When someone shares a special verse with me and gives me special insight concerning that verse, I write that person’s name in the margin of my Bible. This reference serves as a constant reminder of how good the Lord has been to me by sending special people into my life who have taught me, challenged me, or encouraged me in my walk with Christ. It reminds me to pray for that person also. Some of the names in my Bible are Lee, Vern, Lloyd, Jeff, Gary, Kenny. One name shows up about 4 times is Morrie. It refers to Morrie Jorgensen, my somewhat melancholy Danish friend with a sense of humor and movie-actor good looks plus a smile that could stop the world. Oh, how I miss Morrie!

Born on a farm, his farmer father did not think Morrie’s bent to be an artist was the least bit worthwhile. Morrie was the maintenance man at the Dassel Nursing Home before he died. Morrie was an artist; I am privileged to have two of his original works. My friend, Lee Shelton owns what I consider the best of his paintings. It has a lamb lying in an old doorway. A lot of Morrie’s paintings had a spiritual theme. Artists who draw and paint fascinate me, probably because I am a complete klutz at it.

Morrie drove Mazda pickups. Equipped with a unique sense of humor, he would stop by our house in Cokato, get out of his pick up talking, and begin working me over verbally like no one else could do.

Morrie pointed out sins in my life. Good friends do that. Trusted friends do that and I loved him for it. Morrie said we earn the right to get in each other’s face. Morrie earned the right to get in my face.

The last time I saw Morrie was in Methodist Hospital; he battled a rare blood disease. Sitting erect in bed, with his wife Velma at his side, his big smile warmed our hearts. He said to me, “Jerry, if I don’t see you again, I’ll see you on the other side.” I look forward to the day I can see Morrie again.

I wish all of you would be blessed with a good friend like Morrie. Probably you are. Let’s all go out and be Morrie’s to the world!

Oh, how I miss Morrie!

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Lee R. Shelton, III said...


I also miss our friend Morrie. What a blessing he was to all of us. Thanks for your remembrance of him.

Someone told me once that a friend is someone who knows all about you and yet still fellowships with you. I am glad that the Lord sends us earthly friends, but I am even more pleased by the fact that I have a friend that is closer than a brother - my Lord Jesus Christ.

Preach on brother, preach on!!