Friday, January 05, 2007

Keeping Our Vows

It was the first snow in the area last Sunday morning; roads were icy. Attendance was down at the church where I preached. An interesting fact: we had four people in wheel chairs in attendance. Of all the people, these people or their caregivers responded most to my message.

I spoke from Psalm 112:7, “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” We talked about trials and tribulations and God’s sovereign rule. We discussed how we do not like God’s sovereign hand sometimes; we also talked about (Psalm 73:16, 17, 21-22) how when we try to understand God’s plan, it can be oppressive, sometimes making us bitter and angry towards God.

She stood next to the handicap elevator. She stood behind her husband’s wheelchair. He has a brain tumor; and depending on the day, one day interacting and communicating, the next day, totally silent. It was a silent day. She is in her 60’s, still beautiful with a pretty smile. She graduated from high school with my brother. I remembered her and her husband; rock-solid farming stock; Dutch; resolute; determined.

She shared with me her everyday battle. She was not complaining in the least bit but I believe she needed to talk. And oh, did she teach me something!

She said her social worker encouraged her to put Bill in the nursing home so she could rest and “do what she wanted to do.” She told me she got angry and told the social worker, “Forty five years ago, at the altar where we married, I committed myself to him and God. I promised I would be there in sickness and health and I intend to carry that out now, out to the end, Good Lord willing.” As she told me this, tears rolled down her face.

Her life is not easy. On certain days she feels so alone, tired, hopeless, and frustrated but she loves her man and she intends to keep her promise no matter what!

Last Sunday, I humbly stood in the presence of a true hero. A faithful wife, mother, caregiver and Christian woman who is willingly sacrificing her self for the love of her husband—a Christ-like example in these times. We prayed and tears rolled down my face.

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Anonymous said...

I think I have read the message "keeping our vows" every day since you posted it. Each time I see more love, wisdom, and truth in the words & example of that woman. If you see her again, please be sure to tell her that she has helped & taught something incredibly valuable to a young man. And that I send my love and am grareful for her faithfulness. I pray that the Lord will truly impress that same character in my heart.
God Bless~