Monday, May 25, 2009

When old men march…only a few remember

The Memorial Day Program is an 80+ year tradition in our small western Minnesota town of Danube. The American Legion is an organization of former soldier citizens who organize the event. They meet at the town hall, form a color guard and march the three blocks to the school auditorium for the service.

In the not too distant past, people young and old lined the street as they marched to the school. People do not line the streets anymore; smaller numbers of people attend the program. Yes, we’ve become distracted or we’ve forgotten what this day means.

We’ve been distracted by ease and abundance. The top priority has become our own personal agenda. I am not against going to the lake, hunting turkeys, going on a bike ride, or just plain having fun, we need to do that, but don’t be so distracted that the remembrance of the ones who gave their lives for our freedom is lost amidst the so called “busy-ness” of our self absorbed lives.

Not only have we been distracted but we’ve forgotten our past and the sacrifices that have been made. As I have become older, I’ve forgotten things. Usually my forgetfulness creates more problems and adversity. I’m also a prideful man and my forgetfulness is embarrassing for me. Forgive me but the forgetfulness of our nation is embarrassing and out rightly sad. Every day our freedoms are going away, freedoms fought for with shed blood and at the expense of human life, and we could care less. Meanwhile, we lie back in our easy chair, rub our belly, pick our teeth and burp…

The old men who march are laughed at under our breath and only a few of us care enough to remember. Am I angry? Yes, I am. Wake up America; whether you realize it or not, we’re sliding into oblivion. What a waste of the lives of young men and young women who have died fighting for our freedom. God forgive us.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jerry and thank you for your service, brother!

Mike L