Friday, February 03, 2012

The battle for culture...A Christian response

I have been preaching through the book of 1 Peter at a church I visit once every month. After about a year and a half, I've just started chapter 4. First Peter is written to people who are being persecuted or are about to be persecuted. It is a letter of warning but also encouragement.

I am concerned for the church in America; I believe a time of persecution is coming and we, the church, are not ready. We (the church) are not ready for much of anything. Over the last ten years the attacks on our faith have become more numerous and vicious. The feeling in the culture is that anyone who believes in God is an idiot. The attacks are more open and vile.

We live in an era of mounting skepticism, skepticism toward everything. The culture struggles not to free itself from a so called oppressive faith. We must mount a counter attack, a worthy retort, as it were, to preserve the foundations of our republic. Yes, our government and culture have been rooted in Judeo-Christain values whether we like it or not. Why have we, as Christians, been so reluctant to engage the enemy? I quote from "In Defense of Faith" by David Brog page xii:
"Indeed, when it comes to our morality, too many of us are playing the role of the rebellious teenager. Our forebears sacrificed and struggled to construct, preserve, and bequeath to us a noble tradition with an elevated moral code. Yet we cannot see beyond the imperfections of this tradition to recognize the great gift at its core. And in our ingratitude and outright sabotage we slowly erode the structure that would preserve this moral heriatage for our children. Yes, the sins of the fathers are sometimes visited upon the sons."

Are we going to defend our faith or roll over again? Tell me, what are your ideas to defend the faith in our small towns and large cities?

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Be a voice at the local caucus for Family.