Sunday, February 19, 2006

In my best interest

I am a two-time cancer survivor; once when I was 29 and now again when I am 58. People have asked “Have you learned anything because of your cancer experiences?” My answer is a resounding yes. I will share some thoughts with you over the next few weeks.

Questions--many asked, many not asked but all of them pondered. Jerry Bridges in his book The Joy of Fearing God asked one question which has really made me take account of my own life. It has also driven me to confession and ultimately forgiveness from Christ. The question is this: Do I wholeheartedly acknowledge God’s authority both in His precepts and His providences in my life? Do I resent or question any of His providential circumstances in my life?

I asked why I had to get cancer again. Isn’t once enough? Bottom line is this—God wanted to teach me something and get my attention. God wants the best for us but we, as His children, can become ungrateful and distracted. I was distracted--distracted by a myriad of mush. Busy, active, doing, but some of it was useless. Because we are God’s children He will get our attention because He loves us and He will get our attention. He will use cancer a second time if He needs to.

What I have learned is this—Use the gifts God has given me. I must do what God wants and has prepared me to do. God has prepared me for this moment by bringing many different “providential circumstances” into my life. Many of these “circumstances” I had judged at one time NOT to be in my best interest.

The truth of the matter is this, “my best interest” attitude just reveals when I want to be the center of the world rather than God. This attitude cuts open my desire to “run” my ship the way I want it. Notice words I have underlined--my and I. It’s not about me; never has been, never will be. The quicker I learn that lesson, the easier life will be.

I learned this lesson early in life; I needed to relearn it again a second time. God is not a hard Master; He has graciously taught me this and much more. I’m a slow and forgetful learner who is forgiven.

What has God prepared you to do? Do it!!

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