Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well, today was the day Jerry (Beef) was to have his doctor appointment to get the results of the first PSA test since his prostate surgery. It ended up that he was unable to keep his appointment as he needed to be at Regions Hospital with his aunt who had been severely burned on Sunday.

When we called the clinic to cancel his appointment, we asked if we could get the results of the PSA test and were told "it was perfect!” What more could I say then “Praise the Lord”? Jerry does have to go in to see the doctor next week but we are trilled with outcome.

Jerry has been feeling really well. He worked at the office 3 days last week and he preached at Montevideo on Sunday. He’s back at the office this week but has spent a lot of time dealing with his aunt’s situation. She is in critical condition. Her brother was hospitalized in Glenwood on Saturday but seems to be better today. Lots of drama and lots of concern.

Thanks again for all the prayers. ~ Judi (Mrs. Beef)

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